“Lisa Iverson has been my massage therapist for several years. I discovered her intuitive body work after moving to Door County, after a search for a therapist that offered deep spiritual connection and energy work within my massage session. Lisa is a gifted therapist, and has very intuitive and psychic gifts that are infused into her work. She is incredible!
— Marggie, Wisconsin

Nearly 4 years ago, I was referred to Lisa for a massage. I am so thankful for that referral! Since then I have gone to her not only for massage but also for intuitive healing and most recently Emotion Code. Lisa is the BEST massage therapist that i have encountered. Over the last 2 years I have received monthly massages from Lisa and I leave each session feeling refreshed and a deep sense of relaxation. I contribute a large part of my health and vitality to Lisa’s ability to work with both the physical and metaphysical body. I highly recommend her.
— Deanna, Wisconsin

The information made available during my phone session with Lisa was profound, helping me to see the origins of some of my current challenges more clearly. Lisa provided insight, perspective and understanding. Lisa’s insight was spot o as was her intuitive and gentle guidance. Very grateful!
— Wendy, Michigan

We have known Lisa for 20 years or more and she has helped my children, husband and myself in so many ways. She is a great helaer in what she does and also a great friend. She is always there to help us and we highly recommend her to everyone. Please check her out!
— Marijo, Wisconsin

“I have always loved massage and have used them to relax my mind and physical body. But, it wasn’t until I met Lisa that i realized, with her guidance, how connected my physical, mental and emotional states are. Lisa has empowered me to open my emotions and release physical pain and tension. I am so grateful to have found Lisa and ever grateful for her intuitive abilities”.

”My daughter struggled with what I thought was the physical healing after an intense surgery. Lisa was able to work with her to release her emotional concerns and in a mere hour my daughter looked at me and said “ I’m not in pain anymore”. That is the greatest blessing any mom could ask for.
— Jen, WIsconsin

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— Damian, Mexico

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— Pauli, Germany

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— Nicola, Colombia